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From POOR to FAIR to GOOD and Climbing

From POOR to FAIR to Good and Climbing

It's hard to imagine light at the end of the tunnel when you are stuck in a bad place financially. I was in a place in my life where money didn't have meaning. You spent it the way you needed to and if you didn't have it, you charged it. When medical bills would roll in, I would toss them to the side because they were at the bottom of my priority list. They were turned over to collections time and time again, dropping my credit score more and more each time. 

Now, jump forward a little bit. I'm a new mom. I'm ready to buy a house and start my family. I can't get financed for a house because of my credit score. I can't apply for a charge card in case of emergencies because of my credit score. I'm stuck. Or so I thought. 

I sat in front of my banker crying not knowing how I was going to get my finances back on track. She helped me figure out a plan. One that WORKS! I have been doing this plan for years now and it has helped me grow so much! I'm not only able to afford my bills regularly each month, but I'm also able to put money away into a savings account, Christmas club account and still have some money left over for fun in life!

The Plan:

Open up a bill paying account, a spending account, and a savings account. Set it up to where your checks are deposited into the bill pay account. Figure out your bills and then transfer the leftover amount into your spending account. This is where I fuel up, purchase groceries, and indulge on a new shirt or go out to eat. If there is still money left over, transfer it to your savings account! Before you know it, you will be paying your bills on time and successfully, as well as being able to splurge without wondering where the money is going to come from. What a feeling!

Eventually, set it up to where you pay yourself as a bill. I automatically have money come out of my paycheck and into my savings account and my Christmas club account. It doesn't have to be much at first. Something is better than nothing! Before you know it, you will have enough money in your bill pay account to cover your bills, spending money for groceries and splurging, money growing in your savings account and Christmas club account! You will actually ENJOY logging into your bank account and seeing the success you have set up for yourself!

Note that this doesn't happen overnight. It has taken time and strategy and patience. There are times we have to be more frugal than others. It's all about balance and what you can work with. It is possible! You can get there! I never thought I could and HERE I AM!

I went from poor to fair to good and I'm so close to very good. Next up, EXCELLENT! I'm determined to get there and so can you!! 

Go sit with your banker. Tell them your financial struggles and goals. It may just be the best decision you make financially! 


A Happy Home State Bank Customer


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