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Link to Greene County Fair Livestreaming

Scan the QR code or click the link to begin watching the 2024 4-H & FFA Shows from the Home State Bank YouTube Channel.

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Scholarship Form

Looking for Mahanay Student Loans or other scholarships? 

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Home State Bank Scholarships

Home State Bank scholarships are open to graduating high school seniors.  Applicant and/or parent (guardian) must have a banking relationship with Home State Bank.  Application deadline is March 15.

Applicant Information

- Indicates required fields

Educational Information


List a maximum of seven activities and your level of participation in each (offices held, committees, awards, etc.).  Activities may include school, extracurricular, community or religious activities, etc.
Briefly state your future education plans and career goals. (Maximum 500 words)
Please submit one reference letter from a teacher or community member.
Please submit a copy of your high school transcript.
Please upload a picture to be used for publicity should you be awarded.


I authorize Home State Bank to publicize the scholarship award along with my picture if I am a recipient. I certify that this application is accurate and completed to the best of my knowledge.