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Meet Brella: The Newest Member of Your Debit Card Security Team

Meet Brella: The Newest Member of Your Debit Card Security Team

Life can be full of surprises, but finding out your debit card is on a shopping spree without you is not one of those surprises you want to experience.

Home State Bank is excited to announce the newest member of your debit card security team - the Brella App!

Brella is a free mobile app that lets you manage your debit card when and where you want without needing to call the bank (don’t worry, you can still call us, too!).

One simple login on your phone and you can manage everything from submitting travel notices and checking your account balance to setting up fraud and spending alerts and even send money.

Travel Notices & ATMs

Have you ever left town and forgot to notify your card holder that you’re traveling and then all of sudden your card doesn’t work! Not the most convenient thing to happen.

Brella allows you to submit travel notices to alert your card holder when and where you’ll be traveling so you don’t have to feel embarrassed when your card is denied or be without funds!

Brella also has a complete listing of the nearest Shazam ATMs when you need cash fast.

Fraud and Spending Alerts

Wondering what your debit card is up to? Brella allows you to set up and customize both fraud and spending alerts so you are always in the know with your dough whether you’ve lost your card or have suspicious activity.

Set up alerts for unauthorized activity and quickly turn off your card to avoid any additional charges and headaches while you’re sorting everything out.

For spending, set up an alert for any purchases exceeding a specific amount. This awesome alert function allows you to better manage your budget and stay accountable and savvy with your purchasing. This is a great feature as well for college students to build awareness around their spending habits.

Account Balance and Sending Money

The Brella app allows you to quickly login and check your account balance without having to be at your computer or call customer service.

After you’re checked your balance, don’t worry about going dutch with your best friend at the restaurant or sending a little extra spending money to your kids. Skip the cash and conveniently send money directly to other Brella users instantly through the app.

Want to learn more about the convenience of Brella? Contact us today or download for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Home State Bank is dedicated to providing the best banking services by building lasting personal relationships with our customers and our community. Contact us today to learn more about Brella and other banking services and products.


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