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Creating a Plan to Pass On Your Wealth

You’ve put in your time, worked hard and lived a successful life. But passing on your wealth and taking care of your family requires special knowledge and the right tool: a trust.

Home State Bank’s Trust Department can help you accomplish your goals and ensure your assets are accumulated and distributed according to your wishes now and in the future. As “Your Bank for Life,” we work with you every step of the way to ensure you and your family receive the benefits and peace of mind you deserve.

Why use a trust?

A trust can be beneficial for a number of reasons:
  • Assist in estate planning
  • Provide for your family after your death
  • Reduce your annual tax liability
  • Protect the assets you’ve worked hard to accumulate
  • Give to a worthy charitable organization

Your trust document dictates how your assets will be invested, accumulated and distributed if you can no longer manage your own affairs and after your death. A trust ensures any assets held within it avoid the timely and expensive probate process.

When done correctly, a trust is a beneficial tool for the ongoing investment and management of your portfolio. However, this depends largely on the trustee appointed for your trust.

Why Home State Bank Makes a Great Trustee

Finding the right trustee makes all the difference. Trust laws are complex and require that a trustee stays current with changes. A trustee must also be able to accurately report on the receipt and distribution of income and principal trust assets, as well as filing annual trust income tax returns on a federal and state level. It is not a job that can be left in inexperienced hands.

Our Trust Department has the experience, knowledge and working relationships with local attorneys to provide the highest level of service. Managing a trust can take a toll on family members as objectivity and emotions can complicate things. As your trustee, we ensure your wishes are followed to the letter during the full term of the trust.

Contact our Trust Department today to learn more about the Trust Services we offer and how they can benefit you.