Savings Accounts

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Start Saving Today!

There is no financial skill more rewarding than knowing how to save money. It can help you when times are tough and to prepare for the future. We help make it easy for kids, students and young adults to start saving because learning to save now makes for a more successful financial future.

Regular Savings

Build an emergency fund or save for a personal goal easily with Regular Savings!

Start with $100 to earn interest on your balances. You can also set up an automatic recurring transfer from your $mart Rewards or other checking account to Regular Savings to automate your savings in your Online Banking account.

Other account features include:

  • $1 monthly service charge waived by maintaining $100 average daily balance
  • FDIC protection up to $250,000

Contact Us for Your Regular Savings Account Today!

Full Account Details for Regular Savings and our Other Savings Accounts

Moola Moola Kids Club- Teach Your Kids to Save!

Get your child’s financial education off to a bright start with our Moola Moola Kids Club!

Children under the age of 12 can open a savings account with any minimum deposit. The account earns interest, and has no monthly fees to maximize returns. Once your child turns 12 years old, the account is converted to a Regular Savings account.

Contact Us for Your Moola Moola Kids Club Savings Account Today!

Moola Moola Kids Club is a great financial tool to teach your child the value of saving!