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ShazamChek & ATM Cards

When you qualify, a ShazamChek debit or an ATM card can be a useful addition to your bank account. Home State Bank belongs to the Cirrus® Privileged Status network of ATM machines; when you see the Privileged Status symbol there is no fee to use the machine. You can also use some machines to make deposits into your account.

Debit cards may be used for point-of-sale (POS) purchases, online purchases or to get cash. ATM cards are used to get cash from an ATM machine.

The Shazam Monitoring System is in place to help protect you from fraudulent use of your card. When your activity is out of the daily norm or considered suspicious, Shazam may block future transactions until contact is made with you to confirm fraud or verify valid transactions.

Be sure to monitor your account and never give your PIN number to anyone.

Because of daily limits, be sure to notify the bank prior to making large purchases or travel.


  • $1.07/month (includes 7% Iowa state sales tax) per card per account
  • $5.35/card replacement fee (includes 7% Iowa state sales tax)

Some ATM machines will charge for the use of their machine. Look for the Cirrus Privileged Status symbol to avoid paying a fee.

ShazamChek & ATM Card 

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