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Cash Reserve

Your Checking + CASH RESERVE = No More Overdrafts


Cash Reserve is an extra reserve of cash…your own personal line of credit that automatically activates itself anytime you overdraw your checking account or just need extra credit for any reason.


You can avoid costly overdraft fees and the embarrassment of overdrawing your account. Simply request an application form and return it to Home State Bank for approval.


Annual Percentage Rate 14.90%

Repayment Terms          

 (2 payment options)

 1.  7% of the loan principal balance plus accrued interest or $10 whichever is greater; or

 2.  The entire loan balance due plus accrued interest

Advances When your checking account is overdrawn, advances will automatically be deposited into your account in increments of $100

Automatic Payments


Payments are automatically deducted from your account
Grace Period There is no grace period.  A finance charge is imposed from the day each loan is made up until the day the bank receives your payment and the balance in your account is paid in full

Balance Computation Method


Daily periodic rate of finance charge is applied to the principal balance each day
Fee There is not a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee for this product


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