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Business Checking Accounts

Business Checking

Deluxe Check Reorder

Transaction Fees

       Debit Item       .15 each

       Checks          .15 each


Deposited Items

        Home State Bank Items  No charge

        All Others        .08 each


Maintenance Fee $4/month

Credit of .08/$100 of monthly average collected balance applied against monthly fee

This earnings credit is subject to change daily 



Business NOW Account


For sole proprietorships, non-profit organizations, government units and certain fiduciary

accounts.  Competitive interest earned that accrues and compounds daily.  Interest rate is

variable and subject to change daily at our discretion.


Transaction Fees

               Debit Item     .15 each

               Checks         .15 each


Deposited Items

                Home State Bank Items  No charge    

                All Others  .08 each


Maintenance Fee  $4/month or maintain a minimum balance of $1,000 or an average collected balance of $2,500 (transaction fees are independent of account balances).

Monthly charge will be waived if $1,000 daily balance or $2,500 average collected balance is maintained.


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